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Greeting/Basic policy

Minoru Ota, President and Representative Director

Message from the President

Since its establishment in 1948, our company has been dedicated to the production and supply of high-precision and high-performance masks required for the development and production of electronic products, with a focus on the production of screen masks, photomasks, and metal masks. We are committed to meeting the increasingly sophisticated and complex requirements of our customers by providing a stable supply of reliable products, as well as pursuing the performance of various masks and developing related products for the next generation. We will continue to pursue “customer satisfaction” together with our customers by always practicing the “challenge of manufacturing”. Takeda Tokyo Process Service will continue to meet the expectations of our customers.

Representative Director and President Minoru Ota

Basic policy

Basic policy


Three winners
Clients, Company, and Myself

The “Three-Pronged Approach” means to act in the best interest of all three parties: the customer, the company, and oneself. By practicing this “Three-Pronged Approach,” we have built better and more trusting relationships with our stakeholders as the best business partner. We will continue to work with sincerity in this mission, cherishing the relationships we have built and creating new ones.


We aim to grow the company as a company that plays a leading role in the development of the electronic components industry, and at the same time, we aim for the happiness of all employees.

We aim to grow further as a company so that we can contribute to society, support the electronic components industry, and make all of our employees happy to work for Takeda Tokyo Process Service.


  1. A group that responds to customers’ requests with the best products
  2. A group that increases customer satisfaction through the relentless challenge of monozukuri

As a development and proposal company, Takeda Tokyo Process Service aims to provide one-of-a-kind products, and each and every one of our employees takes the initiative to act accordingly. We will always remember the “challenge of manufacturing” and exceed our customers’ expectations by focusing on our tasks and goals.


  1. Listen to the true voice of the customer.
  2. Treat everyone pleasantly and build a relationship of trust.
  3. Act with ambition and independence.
  4. Don’t work passively, but show originality through ingenuity and creativity.
  5. Before saying “I can’t do it,” let’s gather our wisdom, enlist our friends, and think through how we can do it.

As the word “Service” is attached to our company name, we keep in mind that we are not merely supplying products but also providing intangible value to the maximum extent possible. We will always strive to provide the best possible satisfaction to our customers and their businesses by giving our wholehearted consideration to them.


Supporting the future of the electronic components industry.

We have articulated our existence values and vision as a slogan.

We can manufacture various types of masks starting from a single sheet.

Are you looking to have a single prototype piece made? We are equipped to flexibly accommodate small lot orders and other requests. Please do not hesitate to contact us.