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Related equipment and materials

Related materials

We handle a variety of materials. In addition to the materials and equipment listed below, we also deal with many other manufacturers.
Please feel free to contact us for inquiries and consultation regarding the introduction of our products.

Frames for screen masking

Die-casting, aluminum piping, casting

Reusable shipping cartons

Transport cases for screen masks

Photomask storage cases

Clean room products


This is an emulsion developed in-house. We also sell it on a sheet basis.

Printing-related materials such as squeegees

Squeegees, squeegee holders, silver tape, backing wipe sheets

Maskclean Mighty EV2 (screen mask cleaner)

Maskclean Mighty EV2 is a highly safe cleaning solution based on glycol ether solvents and developed based on protecting the global environment.

For cleaning screen masks, metal parts, substrates, and squeegees

Maskclean Mighty EV2 exhibits excellent dissolving power with UV, thermoset, and alkali-soluble inks, as well as epoxy, acrylic, and other types of inks, and can quickly clean film surfaces. In addition, it has little effect on the film surface and retains high accuracy even after cleaning.

Maskclean Mighty EV2 can be used for cleaning metal parts, substrate-related products, squeegees, and other items besides screen masks.

Request Maskclean Mighty EV2 samples

We will send you a 1L sample.
Please give it a try.
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For proper use, please refer to the safety data sheet and instruction manual enclosed with the sample.

Related equipment

We carry products from a variety of specialized equipment manufacturers.


Screen mask cleaning machine

Squeegee polishing equipment

Screen mask racks

*We can provide racks tailored to your space/dimensions.

Screen mask production line

We offer gauze stretchers, washers, coating machines, exposure machines, developers, and other equipment that takes advantage of the expertise of specialized manufacturers.

Consultations on purchasing equipment and materials are also welcome.

We also select and procure the most suitable materials and equipment according to the customer’s application and requirements.
Please contact us for further details.

Main manufacturers carried

Mesh products

  • ASADA MESH Co., Ltd.
  • Osaka Mesh Sales Co.
  • Nippon Tokushu Fabric Inc.
  • NBC Meshtec Inc. And other partners
    (Japanese alphabetical order)

Screen printers, washers, and other equipment and materials

  • OKI Nextec Corporation
  • SAWA Co., Ltd.
  • Seria Corporation
  • New Long Seimitsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  • Micro-tec Co., Ltd.
  • MINO GROUP Co., Ltd. And other partners
    (Japanese alphabetical order)

We can manufacture various types of masks starting from a single sheet.

Are you looking to have a single prototype piece made? We are equipped to flexibly accommodate small lot orders and other requests. Please do not hesitate to contact us.