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Metal masks

Metal masks explained

  • This is an original plate used for screen printing, a type of stencil printing.
  • A metal mask prints on an object by allowing paste to pass through openings in a metal plate.
  • It is used for solder paste printing used in surface mounting of printed circuit boards.
Metal mask

Features of metal mask manufacturing


Fabrication method

We provide high-precision, high-quality metal masks by using three types of treatment: laser, additive, and etching processes.


Use cases

This can be used not just for plates for printing, but in a wide range of fields, from deposition and sputtering applications to jigs and metal parts for various devices.


Laser metal masks

Various grades are available according to printing difficulty.
In addition to wall smoothing technology, we can offer optimal metal masks in combination with various surface treatment technologies.

Laser metal mask, enlarged Laser metal mask, side view Laser metal mask, cross-section

Etched metal masks

For printing metal masks, we can provide various types of half-etching processes.
Various metal parts for vapor deposition and shadow masks can also be processed.

Etched metal mask, half cross-section Etched metal mask, metal parts

Additive metal masks

This product excels in thickness accuracy, aperture accuracy, and positional accuracy, and boasts high reproducibility even for repeat products.
We support not only the semiconductor industry, but also the ever-miniaturizing field of ultra-small chip components.

Mask for solder paste printing
Mask for solder paste printing
Mask for solder ball mounting
Mask for solder ball mounting

Plated products

By plating metal mesh, it is possible to adjust the aperture ratio and suppress mesh elongation. Various types of plating such as nickel plating are available.

Plating Mesh
Plating Mesh


Wall smoothing process

We offer the best products to improve the solder paste release performance of the customer’s solder paste by utilizing our abundant wall smoothing technologies.

Product name Aperture image
HG metal mask
(Laser processed)
HG metal mask, enlarged HG metal mask, side view HG metal mask, cross-section
SHG metal mask
(Laser processed)
SHG metal mask, enlarged SHG metal mask, side view SHG metal mask, cross-section
Metal masks
Additive metal mask, enlarged Additive metal mask, side view Additive metal mask, cross-section


Water and oil repellent coating on metal masks stabilizes printing quality and reduces defect rates.

NANO coating

We can manufacture various types of masks starting from a single sheet.

Are you looking to have a single prototype piece made? We are equipped to flexibly accommodate small lot orders and other requests. Please do not hesitate to contact us.