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Workflow up to implementation

We want to help our customers solve their problems. Our sales staff in charge of the product will interview the customer about the current situation before manufacturing the product, and will provide full support from the identification of issues to operation after the product is introduced.


Begin by contacting us for a consultation. Please contact us by telephone or email. A representative will get back to you shortly.

Confirmation of specifications

Please provide us with details about your request, such as mask type, size, and accuracy requirements.
We will send you an estimate right away.

[Delivery estimate]

Screen masks Photomasks Metal masks
4-10 days after ordering 2-5 days after ordering 1-7 days after ordering

Note that delivery dates vary depending on specifications, so please contact us first.



Please send us any supplies necessary for mask fabrication, such as blueprints, CAD data, plate frames, positive films, etc.


Dedicated mask specialists will manufacture the items for you.


We carry out a final check on the product.。
We can also perform measurements according to your needs.
Measurement results can be sent as an Excel file or other type of data.

Shipping and delivery

We will ship and deliver the product with an inspection slip attached.
We also provide a service that automatically sends inspection slip data by e-mail.

Please let us know about your cost and turnaround time needs.

Both cost and delivery time will vary depending on the product to be manufactured and the details given during the product development stage. A representative will work closely with you to meet and accommodate your needs.

We can manufacture various types of masks starting from a single sheet.

Are you looking to have a single prototype piece made? We are equipped to flexibly accommodate small lot orders and other requests. Please do not hesitate to contact us.