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Quality assurance and environmental response

Quality Initiatives

In order to provide better products and intangible services that are always trusted by our customers, we have established a quality management system and strive to maintain and improve quality.


ISO9001 certification acquired

Certification source: UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service)

Acquisition date: December 1999

Quality Policy

1.Basic policy

Ensure the maintenance and improvement of quality by practicing the “three-prize” principle.

2.Course of action
  • (1) To grasp and understand customers’ quality expectations and needs in order to improve customer satisfaction.
  • (2) Aim to conform to requirements and continuously improve QMS.
  • (3) Aiming to design and develop products with a sense of identity.
  • (4) Continue and maintain these activities.
  • (5) To ensure the operation of the QMS, set and review quality objectives on a regular basis.

Environmental Initiatives

Since our founding, we have consistently promoted being an “earth-friendly” company, and we will continue to contribute to the development of a sustainable society and the preservation of the global environment through environmentally friendly business and the development of new products based on our environmental policy.

Obtained IS14001:2015 certification

ISO 14001 certification acquired

Certification source: UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service)

Acquisition date: July 2004

Environmental Policy

ⅠBasic policy

Takeda Tokyo Process Service Co., Ltd. is engaged in the manufacture and sale of photomasks, screen masks, and metal masks used in the manufacture of electronic components and other products. We autonomously address environmental issues over the course of these activities and set continuous improvement as one of our key management issues, promoting conservation of the global environment by taking into consideration the impact of all of our corporate activities.

ⅡBasic policy
  • (1) Comply with environmental laws and regulations of national and local governments.
  • (2) Ensure that environment-related requirements from customers and other parties are addressed.
  • (3) Promote waste reduction and recycle/reuse of resources.
  • (4) Promote resource and energy conservation.
  • (5) Communicate with stakeholders to work towards environmental conservation.
  • (6) Make this environmental policy known to all employees and raise their awareness of environmental conservation.
  • (7) Seek the understanding of and cooperation on environmental policy from affiliated companies.
  • (8) Document this environmental policy and make it available to the public when necessary.
  • (9) In order to ensure the above, regularly set and review environmental targets.

April 2023

Takeda Tokyo Process Service Co., Ltd.

Minoru Ota, President and Representative Director

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