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We aim to provide the best in technology and expertise

At TAKEDA TOPRO, we are engaged in a variety of research and development activities, such as analyzing the causes of problems related to masks, improving existing products, and developing new solutions to meet the diverse and increasingly complex needs of users.


A future created by us

Dimensional accuracy, resolution, and coating thickness account for a large aspect of the requirements customers bring for screen printing. We verify and experiment with various ideas to find the best solution for our customers by combining these elements. At times, we conduct printing experiments with our customers, and by jointly discussing the results, we are able to accurately grasp the specifications of the plates that will achieve the exact printing outcome desired by the customer, letting us strive to produce plates that are even closer to the their ideal. We actively take on the challenge of manufacturing in order to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for printable electronics and help create industries that use screen printing in completely new fields. We are also shoring up cooperation between industry, government, and academia, and are conducting joint development with various organizations, in order to enable development of next-generation products.


We can manufacture various types of masks starting from a single sheet.

Are you looking to have a single prototype piece made? We are equipped to flexibly accommodate small lot orders and other requests. Please do not hesitate to contact us.